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Alumni in the spotlight: James Jordan, 2002 graduate of Missouri Southern, plays a role in "Wind River." Released in August, the thriller – which stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen – has found critical acclaim for its story of a wildlife officer who teams with an FBI agent after discovering the body of a young woman on an Indian reservation. The film was written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, who also penned 2015’s acclaimed “Sicario” and 2016’s Best Picture nominee “Hell or High Water.” Discovering what the work of an actor entails was a journey that started on stage in Taylor Performing Arts Center. His years at Missouri Southern were a formative period, he said, allowing him to hone his acting craft. “I did play after play and developed a technique and style shaped by the faculty there,” he says. “I created a set of tools for me to use that I refined in grad school.” You can find the full story with the link in our Bio.



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