Instagram post by @andrewtwinter Andrew Winter

A sneak peak of tonight’s makeover! Will it convince them to Love it or List it? Tonight exclusively on @lifestyleau #loveitorlistitaustralia #loveitorlistitau #design #vevet


  • 50w ago kylabfitforlife kylabfitforlife

    Looks lovely Andrew 😃👏🏻

  • 50w ago rosalievillagepharmacy rosalievillagepharmacy

    Yellow velvet? They are definitely going to love it!

  • 50w ago adamsmaya adamsmaya

    THAT look NICE ... fingers crossed for team LIST IT ... 🤣🤣🤣

  • 50w ago tansimpson62 tansimpson62

    Have a similar house, lots of 70''s arches. Loved the makeover and so glad they decided to "love it"


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