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  • 40w ago bigbadvolk bigbadvolk

    Very atmospheric!

  • 40w ago gemluz gemluz

    Thanks for such an awesome show - so ready for Dundee tonight πŸ’œ

  • 40w ago mentvlmvsturbvtion mentvlmvsturbvtion

    Please come the U.SπŸ˜ͺ preferably Dallas Texas...

  • 40w ago lloydidah lloydidah


  • 40w ago estranged18 estranged18

    See you Weds πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  • 40w ago paola_alex_magliani paola_alex_magliani

    Morning.. Have you fun yesterday? <3

  • 40w ago monaghspam monaghspam

    Thank you for blessing us all πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • 40w ago danielle_molko danielle_molko

    "He fell in love with the image of himself...and suddenly the picture was distorted.....even the greatest stars dislike themselves in the looking glass"***(I imagine this song playing as you reflect)

  • 40w ago piaffeequestrianservices piaffeequestrianservices

    It gives me a very creepy feeling and reminds me of old wild Placebo times.

  • 40w ago airoldie airoldie


  • 40w ago notkeenonlabels notkeenonlabels

    @piaffeequestrianservices Don't it just....ahhhh those were the days - that's what the 90s looked like for all of us πŸ˜‰

  • 40w ago gedbradley gedbradley

    Briilliant gig at the Usher Hall, loved it. Thanks Placebo...

  • 40w ago belinda_lueur belinda_lueur

    We must bring our own light to the darkness.......

  • 40w ago sputnik_sweetheart73 sputnik_sweetheart73


  • 40w ago ajjc_art ajjc_art

    Dundee tonight!

  • 40w ago zoeemmamckeown zoeemmamckeown


  • 40w ago la_dany72 la_dany72


  • 40w ago zhanna_hanina zhanna_hanina

    Brian, good Pam. Good bye

  • 40w ago margheritasinclair5328 margheritasinclair5328

    Good morning Brian! Did you have a good night's sleep with the mermaids watching over you? β™₯x

  • 40w ago misa_j1214 misa_j1214

    Beautifully captured.

  • 40w ago hollyhy14 hollyhy14

    A little bit late. Morning Brian. Ready for tonight in Dundee. Big hugs To all of us. Much love😘

  • 40w ago leslietourriere leslietourriere

    Reflets ? Réflexions ?.. Certainement double sens. Tentés de noir et parsemés de lumière. C'est déjà pas si mal. Tu arriveras à trouver une autre petite lumière qui saura enfin t'apaiser, j'en suis certaine. Bonne continuation.

  • 40w ago juliana_placebofan juliana_placebofan

    Very nice picture! <3 πŸ’ŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

  • 40w ago anastasiaktz anastasiaktz


  • 40w ago tatiana tatiana

    Blade Runner

  • 40w ago juliana_placebofan juliana_placebofan

    I think i can see you in this picture! Where do you take this pic?

  • 40w ago mag.danceforever mag.danceforever

    "It's impossible to appreciate correctly the light without knowing the darkness.." JP Sartre. Good night Brian! Xx

  • 40w ago christinedaae85 christinedaae85

    Come back to Adelaide again soon!

  • 40w ago fairydust097 fairydust097

    Dear Brian & Stef please come out after more concerts in UK it would mean so much xx

  • 40w ago darkness_daisy darkness_daisy

    Thanks so much for the gig in Dundee last night πŸ’œ it was my 7th Placebo concert and best one yet. I wanted to say so much more to you than hello when I met you before the gig but was too starstruck! Have a fab rest of the tour xxx

  • 40w ago everybrianeverystefan everybrianeverystefan

    today it's PJ Harveys birthday πŸƒ don't forget it

  • 40w ago juliana_placebofan juliana_placebofan

    @fearisaliar__ I dont want to be rude but i think his personal life is not of our business

  • 40w ago sian_w2017 sian_w2017

    @juliana_placebofan Totally agree with Juliana on this. The problem here is that all these idiots going on about his g/f and invading his privacy by naming names etc are the exactly the same ones who will be complaining the loudest when Brian hasn't posted for ages & they'll be moaning 'Why doesn't Brian post more?', while all along it's the intrusive posts that will most likely put him off IG! Some ppl need to think more before letting their fingers do the talking! Engage brain THEN post!

  • 40w ago tzipor336 tzipor336


  • 40w ago tsi.tsa tsi.tsa

    Thanks for Dundee ! ✨

  • 40w ago piaffeequestrianservices piaffeequestrianservices

    @notkeenonlabels can't even even post on instagram, sorry. It was lots of grunge for me from those time. Loved it.

  • 40w ago notkeenonlabels notkeenonlabels

    @piaffeequestrianservices All Nirvana, Pearl Jam and plaid shirts huh?? Nothing wrong with that...! 😁

  • 39w ago viridian_soul viridian_soul

    Beautiful ❀

  • 38w ago missmjgray missmjgray

    Amazing gig, just what I needed after nearly 3 months in hospital ❀️

  • 16w ago placidexistence placidexistence

    I'm worried about you, my only life light. Never get tired of rebuilding your life.

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