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Sitting at OSU Vet Hospital waiting for Ms. Sadie to get her BP and Kidney Levels! I did complete another 50g skein of #knitpicksWOAtweed! I am currently at 300g, I think! 😂 My sweater is growing out of my @busybirdbags! But I am at 16.5" and almost done with the body and I will be moving on to the sleeves which will fit in my #makermakerbag #wtfknittingpodcast #WinterisComingMAL #atlassweater #atlaspullover


  • 57w ago busybirdbags busybirdbags

    Love ya Levi, prayers for your lil Sadie girl. On another note my daughter and think you should include a segment on skinny dinners . They always look SO appetising!!!!

  • 57w ago wtfknitting wtfknitting

    @busybirdbags I am working on that. It's hard because the set up I use for podcast isn't working for a food segment. I have to hold it my hand it makes me sick watch because it's shaky. So I bought a new tripod and I am going to film tonight's dinner.

  • 57w ago merlinmagic21 merlinmagic21

    Go Levi!! Hope Sadie is okay. Yay for food segment

  • 57w ago honey_bee_knits honey_bee_knits

    Looks fabulous!

  • 57w ago broomstick2go broomstick2go

    What are you going to name your food segments???💜

  • 57w ago mitchellscfiberarts mitchellscfiberarts

    You are a knitting machine. You pushed me to take my cardigan back out because I want a sweater. Forgot to post yesterday for wipitthurday but will post today.

  • 57w ago ally.nicoll ally.nicoll

    Sooo good

  • 57w ago charismakitty charismakitty

    Love that bag!


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