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One of my goals with the gym was to achieve member of the month status...and that just happened! Thank you @tonicsquashandgym_dromana for providing such a great place to get fit and healthy and change lives ☞☞💪💪 #Repost @tonicsquashandgym_dromana (@get_repost)
***** MEMBER OF THE MONTH ***** Introducing Nick Gilbert. Nick joined Tonic last July because he had put on over 25kg's as a bus driver, which he is required to sit for 12 hours. Nick's first goal was to drop down to 100kg's but has since re assessed that goal and would like to hit 92kg's by the end of the year. He has always been an avid sports player and has played basketball since the age of 7.
Here is what Nick had to say about Tonic Squash and Gym and his fitness journey thus far::
"it is very well equipped and the trainers and others members are super friendly, it has a great atmosphere, which is very important to me and a lot of other people. I love seeing the changes in my body after going to the gym consistently and my eventual goal is to do a physique show, just to say i did it, because i never thought i could"

Nick choose Tonic after he and his wife did some online searching and found that Tonic had great reviews. After doing some PT sessions, they were very impressed and decided to join. He loves getting up in the gym and lifting heavy . Nick says a massive thank you to Sarah Finley for pushing him beyond his limits and showing him what is capable of.

Nick has lost almost 40kg's, has gone from wearing a 3XL shirt to an XL shirt and dropped his pant size from 40 down to 34 and Nick has done all of this in 12 months here at Tonic Squash and Gym.

Well done Nick Gilbert, we are so proud of all your hard work😀 #tonicsquashandgym #morningtonpeninsula #morningtonpeninsulafitness #smashingit #memberofmonth #dromana @fatboygetslim
Love our Members 👌🏼


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