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Friday 8th September 2017. Yesterday Cate came home from school saying she fell over during basketball at sport. Her wrist was swollen and sore and she couldn't move it properly. We (Michael) took her to the hospital last night and they were surprised with the extent of her fracture given how little complaining she was doing. Long story short - Cate will be reexamined in 2 weeks when we see a specialist. For now she is keen to go to school and get on with things 💗 PS she insisted on a photo showing her double chin - such a strange child 😂 #catewillalwaysdothingsdifferently #iphoneshotisgoodenough #dowhatmakesyouhappy #mykidsarestrangetoo #365grateful2017 #firstbrokenboneforher #mylifeisneverboring

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