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The longest day ever but I remained patient. Had a 7am flight that got canceled because the crew couldn't make it in from other places on time for the flight to go out. Mind you I haven't been to sleep yet, the plan was to fall asleep on that 7am. They put me on stand by for a 8:55am & 12pm didn't make either. My travel agent called me & told me what gate to go try next but every time I get to the gate it's the same ppl that's was suppose to be on the 7am wit me, so this time I stopped two gates guy & seen these ladies behind the desk & turned on that #LibraCharm which ='s you can't tell me No lol & got them to get my seat for me right there. Sheesh long day but L.A. I'm bout to be On my way! Got a connection now but @ this point im just glad to be able to get out. I will be praying & checking on My Aunt & all my friends who decided to stay in Miami. #Fly1stClassToChangeTheForecast


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