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Instagram post by @tanatdaman Tanat Pruetthipun

Wishing Happy 21st Anniversary to #ultramantiga series, the first Heisei Era Ultra Series which ended a 15 year long hiatus of the #ultraseries and was meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the #ultramanoriginal series. Tiga's name is Malaysian and Indonesian for the digit number 3, referring to Tiga's Type Change ability, which revolves around him changing into three forms, making him the first Ultra to use this ability, a trend which would be used by other Ultra Heroes like Dyna, Gaia, Cosmos and Mebius. In his default Multi Type, Tiga's fighting performances is balanced in terms of agility, strength and ranged attacks. In Power Type ❤ Tiga's red form focuses on strength, defense and enhanced firepower at the cost of his own speed. In Sky Type 💜 Tiga's purple form focuses on speed and aerial combat at the cost of strength and firepower. Tiga's most powerful form #glittertiga resulted when he was revived through immense light entering his body, also growing twice his size and his ability parameters increased tenfold. Tiga's case is regarded as a "human Ultraman", due to his human host #Daigomadoka controlling his body instead of Tiga being in control of himself.
Tiga starred in an origin movie titled #ultramantigathefinalodyssey which revealed him to be a Dark Giant from many millennia ago, til he betrayed his own comrades and stole their powers for his own before sealing them as stone statues. Daigo was forced to transform into Tiga Dark and slowly regained light aspects of his good form by defeating the 3 Dark Giants Darramb, Hudura and lastly Camilla. Tiga would later return in various shows such as Ultraman Dyna (Warriors of the Star of Light ☀️), Ultraman Gaia (The Battle in Hyperspace), #superiorultraman8brothers , Ultraman Ginga (as a Spark Doll), Ultraman X, and most recently Ultraman Orb as an #ultrafusioncard which could fuse with the Ultraman Fusion Card to change into Orb's #spaciumzeperion form.


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