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Instagram post by @simoncowellonline Simon Cowell

Are you a big Simon Cowell fan who would like a chance to meet the man himself? Details on our Facebook page - copy link from here: facebook.com/simoncowellonl…


  • 23w ago officialroycey officialroycey

    I'd love to meet him @simoncowellonline 🤣🤣😂😂

  • 23w ago simoncowellonline simoncowellonline

    @officialroycey 🤣🤣🤣😘😘

  • 23w ago makeup_by_shai makeup_by_shai

    Yep too right😚

  • 23w ago billieemac billieemac

    I would love that

  • 23w ago ikadekindrasaputra20 ikadekindrasaputra20

    Simon ilove you

  • 23w ago ikadekindrasaputra20 ikadekindrasaputra20

    This is my idol simon philip cowell

  • 23w ago ikadekindrasaputra20 ikadekindrasaputra20

    How are you simon @simoncowellonline

  • 23w ago oliviaroberts_.x oliviaroberts_.x

    @hollybobs98 😱😱😱

  • 23w ago fairytopia18 fairytopia18

    I wish... 😍

  • 23w ago vanessa.danoiva vanessa.danoiva

    Love this man! 😍😍😍

  • 23w ago andrewspalding111 andrewspalding111

    Simon I have tried to be as nice as possible to you about leaving this show as soon as possible. I'm trying to maintain my composeur, and not go,"Down the track," of revenge... You must remember I am substantially richer than you, and I also have friends in even higher places than you, so be nice when i ask you to be reasonable. Thus far I have told you I want to leave, "bearing in mind," I have done this reality show against my will for 16 years, as of this month, and you even told me yourself," I would never put you through anymore than 5 years," yet once again you have broken your word with an annoying frequency.... I want you to think for once about how humiliating and awful this has been for me, and then think how you'd feel if I had behaved in a sim8lar manner towards you... Trust me, you are going to cause yourself," A world of pain," by treating me so badly.... Remember," Karma can be a real bitch," especially when you keep fucking with me....I try to solve things amicably, and I have given you and your brothers plenty of chances, that you wouldn't accord me... I am really annoyed about doing this show on such a pittance and having debt, plus not spending quality time with my kids and also wasting 16 years of my life on a detestable reality show. So please could you make arrangements for me to leave. This show should have ended a long time ago if you hadn't all lied to me and been so treacherous.... Have a good day and for your sake I'd do something positive about this message, rather than just ignore it, like you usually do....

  • 23w ago arleenross.ar arleenross.ar

    My guy Simon

  • 23w ago _dev_123456 _dev_123456

    What a load of shit simon u are a dick head

  • 23w ago _charlottetheunipug_ _charlottetheunipug_

    I would love to meet Simon

  • 23w ago _charlottetheunipug_ _charlottetheunipug_


  • 23w ago meriana34 meriana34

    I love you @simoncowellonline 😙😙😙

  • 23w ago chantalluuk chantalluuk


  • 23w ago mrscowell mrscowell

    I've e mailed .... I LOVE this man ❤️❤️

  • 23w ago wjm46 wjm46

    💕I have emailed you, and keeping fingers & toes crossed to get a reply 💕👍

  • 23w ago blozzyswaine blozzyswaine


  • 23w ago colletashort colletashort

    I know it won't be me .but I'll keep dreaming x

  • 23w ago colletashort colletashort

    If I meet you,promise not to make me sing.x

  • 23w ago elle_tinkerbellefairy elle_tinkerbellefairy

    Ur the best Simon

  • 23w ago rangayah rangayah

    Love to meet you Simon cowell

  • 23w ago duh_itzkatie189 duh_itzkatie189

    I want I haven't of course I haven't even been to one of the act auditions yet

  • 23w ago duh_itzkatie189 duh_itzkatie189

    @_dev_123456 your a dick

  • 23w ago _dev_123456 _dev_123456

    @duh_itzkatie189 fuck off if I want to say that then I can u stupid cow

  • 22w ago margsoriano margsoriano

    Love to meet him!

  • 22w ago jokkchonnakan jokkchonnakan


  • 22w ago dawnpeters70 dawnpeters70

    I have no talent so never going to meet him on X-factor or BCT. He is the one person I would like to meet. Xx

  • 22w ago lynncrosby22 lynncrosby22

    Very interesting man. Would like to meet him.

  • 22w ago nikol.gaz nikol.gaz

    Would love to meet Simon to pick his brain❤️✌️

  • 21w ago pamelamalhotra58 pamelamalhotra58

    Noooooo I want to meet Sinitta x

  • 21w ago cunha0610 cunha0610

    Amo vc muito vem pro brasil 🇧🇷

  • 21w ago babychuarazo babychuarazo

    I love his heart. He may look strict in his comments but he got a loving heart.I pray to meet him before i die😂

  • 17w ago mrsmvstone mrsmvstone

    Bring back benji

  • 16w ago tillotsongabriella tillotsongabriella

    So cool I watch you show every Saturday and Sunday it is so amazing thank you for reading .x

  • 8w ago boomerbuddy101 boomerbuddy101

    Iiii wwwooouuullldd

  • 7w ago bettyboops2379 bettyboops2379

    Sure love to meet this man with no questions asked 💕

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