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{Part 1} I'm on my way to a small town in the East of Germany to give the opening speech at a conference about the hijab.
I had stopped doing these kind of talks because I don't want to waste time explaining to people why I dress the way I do. It simply holds me back from living my life to the fullest. And because by doing so, I put my life, my choices up for discussion - I give others the power to judge me. Because explaining yourself makes you look like you're seeking their approval. I don't need anyone's approval, permission to be myself. To live how I live. To believe. To be.

The most radical act a Muslim woman can do in today's western world is radically be herself. Unapologetically.
To refuse being generic. To refuse speaking on behalf of everyone. To stand strongly in solidarity with everyone oppressed, but radically choosing to be herself.

So, the organisers asked me many times to come and I only agreed because they told me about how difficult it is for hijabis in their town, the abuse, the threats and harassment.

I know, it is a privilege to decline. One that is not in alignment with my conscience.

I decided to go. And tell them that it is kind & noteworthy that women will explain their choice of clothing today - but that this doesn't give anyone the power to judge them.

I will talk about societies obsession with the hijab and women's bodies (both within and outside the Muslim community), secular societies obsession with "understanding" the way they dress & believe & live and Muslims obsession with explaining themselves.

While browsing on my phone on the train to the conference, I saw Rihannas new make up line and the hijabi model Halima Aden as one of the models featuring the campaign.

Leaving all those debates about make up, modesty, the fashion industry and what not aside:

It is 5am and I'm on the train to a little town in the East of Germany where friends of mine have regularly been subject to harassment - while elsewhere in the Western world a pop music legend prominently includes diversity, a hijab-wearing Muslim woman, in a campaign, nonchalant.

This is it, world. That's how easy it is. That's how easy it could be.
{Part 2 in comments}


  • 41w ago kuebrag kuebrag

    {Part 2}
    All I can say to my sisters is:
    Voice up.
    Speak up.

    Be kind to one another.
    Be loving to one another.
    Be in support of one another.
    Stand in solidarity with other minorities.

    And while doing so:
    Choose to radically be yourself.

    Radically me.

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    Love your choice of words! Very powerful! ❤

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    So powerful,so dynamic 🤘🏾

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    so much flowers are going to you, powerfrau! 🌸

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    Ich liebe dich!!

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    Love this ❤

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    @kuebrag i really love your words! Exactly we should simply be ourselves and at the same time help each other and especially the supressed people ....the people in need....the people who ask after Allahs help desperatly....and sometimes we forget that in the middle of germany in our neighbourhoods are people who are desperatly in problems....i just wanted to say this because this is the experience i made in the last days since i have more time to look to the right and left side😕

  • 41w ago doppelmueller doppelmueller

    You are very right. I am not a Muslim and not a woman, but I will always be on your side. A country where someone is prescribed, how he or she has to pray or dress, is not my country.

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    This made my day 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    Powerful! Thank you for sharing Kubra💕

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    Beautifully said dear @kuebrag !! ♥️🕊

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    Preach, sister, preach. <3

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    Balsam für die Seele Schwesterherz!

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    Word 💪

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    Thank you for sharing this 💕 super inspiring, and thank you for taking the time to accept the offer to talk. Inshallah it paved the way to open more hearts and minds to beautiful acceptance 🙌🏼

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