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QUESTION: What was your hardest transition with children and why?
MY ANSWER: Going from 0-1 was so hard for me, I had no idea what I was doing, my anxiety was through the roof, and my first baby hardly slept. It was tough! Going from 1-2 was pretty easy, but I'm worried about adding a third! I'll be out of hands!


  • 62w ago withlovemama withlovemama

    1 to 2 was a challenge, somedays I still don't think I have it down! And my kids are now 1 and 3 😜

  • 62w ago hjschlabach hjschlabach

    0-1 was super hard for me...1-2 was a lot better but if 2-3 ever happens I have a feeling I'll be slightly terrified.πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

  • 62w ago debsie86 debsie86

    Going from 1 to 2 was a super rough transition. Baby 2 was a surprise baby, was super colicky and I had PPD. For some reason though I feel like adding a third would not rock my world. I might just be letting baby fever fool me πŸ˜‚

  • 62w ago hidethecookiejar hidethecookiejar

    0-1 was hard because I had no idea what to expect. Now with two I'm more relaxed and know what's coming and how to handle it.

  • 62w ago elena__bosch elena__bosch

    Definitely the hardest part was learning how to cope with to having little to know time to myself to decompress. I always felt like there wasn't enough time to "do all the things" when before I became a mom, I could handle a lot more.

  • 62w ago _sassyazzy _sassyazzy

    Im at 0-1 right now, and for me it was time management as I decided to strictly breastfeed working around her schedule was so tough to get used to for me at first, especially when there were times you felt u had a schedule and then baby would switch it all πŸ˜…

  • 62w ago thishomeschool thishomeschool

    0-1 was much harder for me, but I had a way easier labor with my second baby, so I physically felt a lot better as well as being more confident and relaxed.

  • 62w ago elainavos elainavos

    0-1 was pretty hard, and since #2 has a while before coming yet, I'm not sure. There were so many things about #1 that were hard. Adjusting everything to her needs and still taking care of myself was probably the hardest.

  • 62w ago elena__bosch elena__bosch

    @adventureswithyazzy oh man. You nailed it. I'm no longer nursing but those days were the hardest.

  • 62w ago coffeepancakesdreams coffeepancakesdreams

    0-1. I was one of the first among my friends and didn't have family nearby to help.

  • 62w ago workingmamasgirlsquad workingmamasgirlsquad

    Going from 2 to 4!! 😳 We were going for number 3 and ended up with identical twins! When the twins arrived I had 4 under 4. Not sure how I survived that year!!

  • 62w ago lizery_business lizery_business

    I waited so long to have my LO and "retire" from working and truly haven't had too many struggles yet. It will be a change for sure if we have another, because I'm not good at balancing and all that jazz.

  • 62w ago mywanderlust.tribe mywanderlust.tribe

    I have a 1 month old so I am not sure yet

  • 62w ago stephanie.yoshi stephanie.yoshi

    Simply not having the freedom anymore. I broke down thinking about how much freedom I lost the first week of my twins.

  • 62w ago flipflopview flipflopview

    I only have 2, but I can imagine it cannot be easy, I sometimes struggle to share my attention, and feel guilty about it. On the other hand, remember it's only a short while, time flies by so quickly. Do you know the series Blue Bloods? That family gathering at the table every Sunday ☺

  • 62w ago momincombatboots momincombatboots

    We only have two but I felt there was no real transition. It just came together

  • 62w ago varenia varenia

    Going from 2 to 3 kids (I only have 2 hands). After that 3 to 4 was a breeze!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @varenia I've heard that so many times!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @momincombatboots 1-2 was easy for me, I love when I hear moms had it easy when their family is growing!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @flipflopview it is hard to show attention to both equally!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @newgirlyoshi yes! That is one of the toughest parts of motherhood! I still struggle with this 4 years later!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @theunfilteredmomma aww congrats!!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @lizery_business aww congrats!! That's so exciting!!

  • 62w ago kristen_lawler kristen_lawler

    @workingmamasgirlsquad oh wow!! That had to have been hard!! All twin mamas are cut from a different cloth- you guys are TOUGH!!

  • 62w ago classysassymrs classysassymrs

    The lack of sleep for sure! I am so. Tired. I don't know how I function most days.

  • 62w ago chelseaalliebender chelseaalliebender

    The less freedom part and dealing with her tantrums. But it's still all worth it

  • 62w ago lexieloolilyliamdylantoo lexieloolilyliamdylantoo

    Honestly, the transition from kid to tween was awful. The mood swings are THE worst!

  • 61w ago oddmomsclub oddmomsclub

    I think I'm in my hardest transition now as we enter the tween years...give me strength!

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