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Do you think a doll is just some yarn and a wire frame? I tell you a story... Once upon a time there was a little Doll. Her Artist decided that she would be a ballet dancer 💃. "No! I don't want to spend all my time in ballet class," cried the Doll, "I would like to be an active and modern person!" "Hmm, something interesting," thought the Artist and made a cheerleader's uniform for the Doll. Bright, active and quite modern.

It was time to choose hair for her. The Artist took light brown yarn and some yellow,  just for contrast. What was the Artist's surprise when the Doll showed a shock of red hair! The Artist checked twice: light brown yarn and some yellow... But the result was the same - the Doll had long ginger hair. "I don't want to be a cheerleader," smiled the little creature. "Ok," sighed the Artist. "Would you like to be a Princess? All girls would like to be a Princess!" 👑 And the Artist made a white petticoat 👗, a lacy sleeves and a collar, a tiny shoes 👠👠with bows 🎀 🎀 and of course a crown 👑. The Doll fitted all clothes,  put the crown on her head and looked in the mirror... "No, I'm not a Princess," said the Doll and took off the crown, "but I like the petticoat and the shoes." "O dear!" exclaimed the Artist. "Can you just tell me what do you want?!" "I would like to be just a girl. Little happy girl," said the Doll.

The Artist began to think. He was thinking about summer and about kids' laughter, about a smell of the ocean and a warmth of the sand heated by the sun... And the Artist made a kite for the Doll. "Oh, it's wonderful! Thank you! Thank you for this nice kite!" clapped her hands the Doll. "I'm so happy now! But I need a hat. I can't walk outdoor without a hat!" And they started to choose a hat 👒 for the Doll... But this is a completely different story 😁

The Doll is only 8 cm high. Hook 0,6 mm, mercer cotton, sewing threads, wire frame.
Available at @theartisanstore.




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