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"To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you" πŸ’œ -C.S Lewis πŸ’œ
A lot of people refer to God as our Father In Heaven. I don't think I've struggled with that concept as much as understanding the concept of a father's love. My own father left when I was 7 ... he got on a plane one day with the promise of coming back, but never did.
I remember trying to comfort my little brother while crumbling inside myself. Our father was our world, in our eyes a superhero - and he just left. I was crushed to say the least and after years of holding on to hope my heart became cold, and resentment and anger settled in. I hated him. The distance was hard but that wasn't what caused our relationship to dwindle ... it was the many broken promises. My ability to trust and my respect for men went out the window. I didn't want to forgive and honestly - I didn't think I even could.
The broken relationship made it hard for me to trust God but in the same token his absence made me cling to my faith. "Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close." Psalms 27:10
I found so much comfort and peace in that one verse and hopefully you can as well. All honesty when a parent leaves it's hard not to feel as if you did something to cause that, but I assure you, YOU are not to blame.
People fall short, words are left unsaid, time and distance create space, and the list goes on. Oddly enough, even THOSE things can become part of something good if you don’t loose faith. Out of it all I'm learning that forgiveness doesn't mean wrongs weren't done or that you don't acknowledge the hurt. πŸ‘ Just the opposite, sometimes the holes left in our heart are so deep and so wide - they MUST be forgiven in order for us to move up. Today
I find my own pain, my own sorrow turning into joy once I began to forgive. I'm praying the same happens for you. πŸ’œ


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