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Instagram post by @missyfranklin88 Missy Franklin

Couldn't be feeling more uplifted or inspired after leaving Austin this weekend. Being apart of @leadsportssummit was an unbelievable honor. @karalynnjoyce I can't thank you enough for putting on an INCREDIBLE and much needed young women's leadership summit. And on another note, I now have documented proof of me wearing burnt orange😜🏈


  • 11w ago thomascho90 thomascho90


  • 11w ago emily.p77 emily.p77

    I love u so much Missy you are amazing @missyfranklin88 💜💜

  • 11w ago gracenuhfer gracenuhfer

    Thank you for being there! I had such an amazing time! You're such a cool person to hang out with!

  • 11w ago jolenaa.nicolee jolenaa.nicolee

    I love you♡♡♡

  • 11w ago jolenaa.nicolee jolenaa.nicolee

    Ur so fast

  • 11w ago pamuch24 pamuch24

    Yay! Hook 'em! 🤘🏾

  • 11w ago jrh.brown jrh.brown

    @missyfranklin88 you're my idol! I'm a 5 year swimmer starting my 6th year soon! You have always been my inspiration. I'm a backstroke and butterfly person and watching you swim backstroke and watching Michael Phelps do butterfly has been such an inspiration to a young swimmer like me. Thank you so much for everything you do! @missyfranklin88

  • 11w ago karalynnjoyce karalynnjoyce

    Ah you're going to make me cry for the 100th time today! You were amazing and so inspiring not only to the girls but also all of us women!! 💜💜

  • 11w ago b3kha b3kha

    Ahhhhhhh I would have so gone just to meet you!!!

  • 11w ago tdnuhf tdnuhf

    This Mom's heart is so full! I'm in awe of all of you and the love and passion you poured into these girls! ❤#forevergrateful

  • 11w ago gina_ricciardi gina_ricciardi

    I love you Missy!!!

  • 11w ago swimmergirl2102 swimmergirl2102

    Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come and speak at the Summit. I found it very inspirational. Thank you!!!

  • 11w ago sameee__ sameee__

    whaaaattt dude i was at the UT game go longhorns!!

  • 11w ago atahrens atahrens

    Thank you to you, Kara, Elizabeth and Madisyn! My girls were so blessed to spend time with you all in a smaller setting. Thank you for being a positive role model for these girls. Thank you also for making the weekend about things outside the pool too.

  • 11w ago shannonbagnal4 shannonbagnal4

    i wish it never ended!! i loved listening to you talk!! @missyfranklin88

  • 11w ago j.schabby j.schabby

    Thank you soo much for coming and speaking at the summit. This is something I will never forget. You are such and inspiration♥️♥️♥️

  • 10w ago yoga_for_the_soul yoga_for_the_soul

    Oh my gosh the paddle board photo 😍😍😍

  • 10w ago iamdalin iamdalin


  • 10w ago fabianelindo fabianelindo

    @missyfranklin88 These pictures are really cool, but I miss you by the pool. When will you swim again?

  • 10w ago thejackrobinson thejackrobinson


  • 10w ago martinemccarthy martinemccarthy

    @thejackrobinson ruined my whole day

  • 10w ago emilykm11 emilykm11

    Hello! I'm apart of an organization called Love Your Melon & was wondering if you'd like to get involved!! LYM's mission is to put a hat on every child battling cancer in the US & donate 50% of profit to help fight childhood cancer. (By funding cancer research initiatives/providing immediate support for families of children battling cancer) If you are interested in joining our story, please let me know as soon as possible💛

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  • 9w ago dmmsdh dmmsdh

    النجم مساعد حماد @m00

  • 9w ago dmmsdh dmmsdh

    النجم مساعد حماد @m00

  • 9w ago lauwailik lauwailik

    这抬头纹也是没谁了 😂😍

  • 9w ago allthingslagunabeach allthingslagunabeach

    good one 👍

  • 8w ago triciagn triciagn

    Missy my niece met you for the second year in a row at Swim Across America this weekend and she just adores you. THANK YOU for the ways you give back to young swimmers!!!

  • 8w ago katiexherman katiexherman

    Good job today🇺🇸❤️

  • 8w ago travelteaser travelteaser

    Very sweet :)

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