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Instagram post by @senesas (seh-knee-sahs)

I love these guys so much :') they're always so kind to me every time I see them at a con ❤ San Japan was super fun
#bobsburgers #ochako #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #cosplay #urarakacosplay #sanjapan #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #uravity


  • 11w ago kal_karot kal_karot

    Dat Burger of the Day tho!!

  • 11w ago thelilmoose thelilmoose

    We love you too! Sorry we're all looking at different cameras 😅

  • 10w ago senesas senesas

    @thelilmoose no no it's okay! I'm just glad I got to take another photo with you guys! ❤

  • 10w ago senesas senesas

    @kal_karot DELISH

  • 10w ago rsand97 rsand97

    wish I could've found ya Sunday. Sweet photos though!

  • 10w ago senesas senesas

    @rsand97 ah I wasn't in cosplay haha I was way too tired -__- but maybe next time!

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