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@issarae (And thanks to @darthvadenz for the heads up)


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    @pvm.10 I love her

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    @allydiamond_ @awern3

  • 10w ago sam5bu sam5bu

    @tsosnowden 😂😂😍😍

  • 10w ago tsosnowden tsosnowden

    @sam5bu yaaasss!

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    @a.yomikun 😭😭

  • 10w ago s3r1na_99 s3r1na_99

    This needs to be done for POC tbh

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  • 10w ago stephroell stephroell

    @miz.nai.abroad 👏👏👏👏👏 where is this show at though?! 🤔

  • 10w ago kingshannnn kingshannnn

    👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿your jamaican side would be so proud

  • 10w ago cynthiaisako cynthiaisako

    I would totally watch this !! 😍

  • 9w ago sweetangelicflower sweetangelicflower

    A vision. An idea 😍✨ @sinonorman_ @lavelabooi

  • 9w ago l3xi3lou l3xi3lou

    @issarae please make this show! I’m already obsessed...Ladera heights girl over here

  • 9w ago taylorb614 taylorb614

    Moesha was the shit

  • 9w ago sinonorman_ sinonorman_

    @uyinene.m can this please happen 😭😭

  • 8w ago jm7_x jm7_x

    I like it

  • 8w ago saarmg saarmg

    Would be so dope 👌🏾💯

  • 8w ago ijeomalynn ijeomalynn

    @amii_diio no.words.except for YEEEEES💯💯💯💯💯❤️💯❤️💯

  • 7w ago nikkibrazy nikkibrazy

    i love Issa 😂🔥

  • 7w ago secretary_to_chief secretary_to_chief

    Black people, do u realize you’re the only race that loves to exclude yourself from the rest of human beings? I’ve never seen an all Asian, Mexican, Indian etc show before... do you see the irony and how people would think differently of your sectioned off kind of show? Has absolutely nothing to do with racism or being prejudice so leave that in your paranoid head...

  • 7w ago theplainelaine theplainelaine

    @secretary_to_chief ummm that's kind of the point lol. We're not paranoid there's literally no shows about the black teen experience exaggerated or not. Not even to argue with you just stating no lies were told. And the racism and prejudice isn't in our heads. Im gonna guess you're not black which is why it's easy to type that were making up these issues. Trust me I WISH these things didn't exist. And we don't want to exclude ourselves from the human being experience we want to actually be included and represented. Thats all honestly

  • 7w ago secretary_to_chief secretary_to_chief

    @newbornveganmom what’s kind of the point? And I’m a minority myself so I mean no harm or rudeness.. I’m just confused at the goal.. & I understand I’m not talking about this one particular show (to do with young black teens), but we both know you guys have a multitude of all blacks shows like blackish and the entire BET network.. I see no other network for predominantly latins, Asians, or Indians that’s American based in English... and I know sadly racism etc does exist and it’s wack af sometimes I feel.. you know what I KNOW social media has a huge negative influence on what we take from our screens ( for Ex a story of a black man robbing someone in the US) and and acts upon what they see on the screen in real life. When in actuality all races do dumb shit.. it’s kinda sad but it also doesn’t help I feel when we (a particular individual of specific race) flamboyantly acts a fool and ignorant in order to gain attention or likes for views... I’m fairly young (mid 20’s) and I feel it’s just so damn sad what everything is coming too

  • 5w ago tysah22 tysah22

    Telenovelas kdrama bollywood 🤷🏾‍♀️ they have their channels to or on Netflix it’s pretty dope

  • 5w ago __fine__china__89 __fine__china__89

    @secretary_to_chief exactly right.... well said

  • 5w ago stefaniesutherland stefaniesutherland

    'This gossip girl is black bitch' haha 👌 I like her

  • 4w ago madbadanddangerous2know madbadanddangerous2know

    so write it.

  • 4w ago gabe.rutland gabe.rutland

    Who said gossip girl and 90210 weren’t for black people? Uh sorry sis but they’re tv shows on television, public television, and anyone can watch them and at the end of the day we all human and we got the same needs so someone pls tell me how gossip girl and 90210 don’t represent the black teenage life cause I’m pretty sure they just represent anyone’s life like they just characters and it don’t matter their skin color you can love them or hate them and at the end of the day they fictional so🤷🏼‍♂️

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    @king.of.massage @karissacullett @silver_iii BARS

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    @d_mooks_t 🤗

  • 4w ago olrikzijp olrikzijp

    This is crazy!? Payed by Soros?

  • 4w ago jessicadeltorre jessicadeltorre

    @gabe.rutland maybe because there weren’t black characters so they didn’t feel represented. Sorry for my English

  • 3w ago vvvall__ vvvall__

    @issarae our gossip girl 😂 I would watch this ♥️🔥👏🏽

  • 2w ago princevonmusic princevonmusic

    😂 Too funny and gossip girl is a really good show one my favorites

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  • 2w ago marsa_louis marsa_louis

    @gizellebryant Potomac!!!!!

  • 1w ago made_in_kenya made_in_kenya

    @jessicadeltorre Don’t apologize for your English. I heard you loud and clear. You’re 100% correct. I watched both Gossip Girl and the new 90210. But I really didn’t connect with any of the characters.

  • 1w ago made_in_kenya made_in_kenya

    @gabe.rutland I wish I was fortunate enough to say, “At the end of the say, we’re all human.” I guess you’ve never felt left out.

  • 5d ago toxicbttrfly toxicbttrfly

    BH 90210, Gossip Girl, and Dawson's Creek were my shows! 😂

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