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The #JudasRising Tour continues! Heads up, UK and Europe! All ticket and VIP info at! @hardcoresuperstarofficial @madamemayhem #thejudaseffect


  • 55w ago iamcaptainquill iamcaptainquill

    You're not gonna be here for your birthday? Damn bro. Well I say hell yeah! UK and Europe lucky AF

  • 55w ago bedzy10 bedzy10

    Why no Bristol date? πŸ˜•

  • 55w ago themikegreene themikegreene

    @jbpc9 yo!

  • 55w ago 077partyman 077partyman

    It's going to be epic again like every Fozzytour is!

  • 55w ago madamemayhem madamemayhem

    Can't wait !! 🀘🏻🀘🏻

  • 55w ago teigan_bailey15 teigan_bailey15

    See you in Birmingham !!!!

  • 55w ago billygunnrules billygunnrules

    Fuck these guys. Guys dont even sing live. Wannabe rock stats playing little shitbars with their lipsynching

  • 55w ago norighthand1 norighthand1

    The song of JERICHO sing it in maaaaaaan

  • 55w ago alyse.zirpoli81 alyse.zirpoli81

    Can u do a tour in Australia I like fozzy it's a good band and I can't travel to America @chrisjerichofozzy

  • 55w ago cat.moggy.king cat.moggy.king

    Was desperate to take my boys to see you in Newcastle, but they need to be 14 +. They're only 7 & 9 so I guess we'll wait to see if you wrestle in Newcastle in the near future. They're pretty much in awe of you & can't believe you're in a band AND a wrestler πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ

  • 55w ago thewrestlingmagpie thewrestlingmagpie


  • 55w ago thewrestlingmagpie thewrestlingmagpie


  • 55w ago thewrestlingmagpie thewrestlingmagpie


  • 55w ago xefrostx xefrostx

    Fine avoid Wales πŸ˜‘ I don't mind, got some eastenders to catch up on

  • 55w ago manuelmortl manuelmortl

    After the Show: Is there time to make a picture with you? Maybe i want to come to Hamburg πŸ˜‰

  • 55w ago el_juanogrovas el_juanogrovas

    Come to Mexico 😭😭😭

  • 55w ago i_am_a_champion2017_ i_am_a_champion2017_

    02 I will be there

  • 53w ago just_logan9 just_logan9

    Do one in vegas


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