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Robby isn't here and he's out Of cell service and I don't know how to stop


  • 58w ago capturelucy capturelucy

    Hang on there is a website I found one night. I have been there, girl. You're not alone. Hope you're feeling better already.

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  • 58w ago capturelucy capturelucy

    Also, an anxiety attack WILL NOT kill you, so no matter how bad it gets, no matter how certain you are that you're dying, you absolutely will not die. I rarely remember this in the moment, but when I do, I do LITERALLY breathe easier.

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    i just saw this but PLEASE call me if you ever are having a panic attack and robby isn't there to help. i'll be there for you and can bring you anything you need or keep my distance, whichever u want. i hope you've taken some opportunities to do some self care in whatever form works best for you ❤️

  • 58w ago maddygolightly maddygolightly

    @frog_mom.mp3 you were one of the first people I thought to call

  • 58w ago frog_mom.mp3 frog_mom.mp3

    @maddygolightly next time don't hesitate! i love you ❤️if you need anything tonight at any time let me know! lord knows my sleep schedule is bad anyways hah

  • 58w ago caribariruchi caribariruchi

    Im sorry you're dealing with these love! I've had a couple randomly, and they pretty much forced me to lay down, close my eyes, breathe deeply and counting my breathe helped. Drink water and let it pass! Love you hope you find your perfect personal remedy.

  • 58w ago caitridler caitridler

    When I get panic attacks I try my damnedest to remember that it's all in my head... that in reality all is good. I'm good. My loves are good. Life is good. That my current feelings and emotions don't accurately depict the state of my life. It's just a moment in time that I got too caught up in my own head. FEELINGS AREN'T REALITY. This has helped me AVOID spiraling down that path of what feels like no return. ❤️❤️❤️

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    Very interesting!!


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