Instagram post by @the__embrace Karen Kirkpatrick

When we are in a state of love, we only love. When we are suffering and in pain, we cause others to suffer. We lash out with harsh words, we incessantly complain and feel vindicated, we blame the world for our woes, and we protect our wounds with righteousness and indignation. We see another as the other, without a story, without a history, without understanding. When the other shows unkindness towards us, the threat response quickly retaliates and seeks revenge. This served our survival needs for aeons, yet with the evolution of the brain's frontal cortex we now have a choice to respond differently. From this centre of reasoning, empathy and compassion is born. In that instance when life in the guise of another triggers you, stop before reacting, take a slow deep breath and sense the depth of pain in the other that causes them to hurt you. No one hurts another unless they are hurting. In that moment, recognise your own wounds and offer love and kindness to both. For truly, it is not hate that conquers hate, but love that patiently nurtures the aches and pains back to safety and care. Harm has nowhere to land in love's arms. This is freedom. Let's BE kind to one another #courage #peace #wisdom #mindfulness #selflove #loveyourself #relax #compassion #kindness #freedom #vibrationalshift #awakening #theembrace #consciousness


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