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Instagram post by @mikenacharge

Picked these up over the past several weeks. I got the Skylanders Waterfall for only $15. I got the Trap Team starter pack and 4 Skylanders (duplicates though) all for $6 and change. I also bought the Groot keychain the same day at Hot Topic. I found the Chase Iron Sheik at a GameStop in Virginia a few weeks ago while I was visiting my Great Uncle. I think I'd actually be willing to trade him, but the only problem is when I bought it, the box was a little damaged. (Anyone who opens Chases, hmu😆👍) Then, today I picked up all the other Pops and the 3DS Superchargers game. So yeah, that's been my haul recently. #Skylanders #FunkoPop #IronSheik #Overwatch #TWD


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