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Instagram post by @jenny.thinking JennyThinks

Behind each person we've a story.
A story that is unique.
A story that defines us.
A story that grows with us.
A story that sometimes hurts.
A story that someone else can understand.
A story that we scared to expose by fear of rejection.
A story that changes us forever.
A story tattoed on our skin.
A story often judged by others.
That why we must to fight cause we have one life and than time runs. So we must to find an issue to get over on problems and enjoy each day. Life's too short to take it seriously.
BTW..That "TEN TOES DOWN" comes of girl Gemi Fly. A wonderfull women with deep past. She proves that everyone can become something after raining period. #tentoesdownchallenge #gemifly .
Anyway. Enjoy it. And its like that my summer ends up. School starts this thursday ... Excited 'lol'. Hope you have a good back in routine.
Love u all.

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