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Viva la Vanlife II // Amidst everything else that was going down last month, I didn't get to properly celebrate my vanniversary with #ladylouisevandercamp. It was two years ago last month that I set my mind to finding a camper van. Never mind that I hadn't camped since I was a little girl. Or that I'd never been in an RV. And I'd never driven a long, heavy, boxy rig. None of that mattered. Within a couple weeks I'd done my research and located the van that would change my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.
But first I had to retrieve her. From New Mexico. In the heat of Summer. So I hopped in a rental car and headed to the hot (and stormy!) desert. It was the beginning of an eventful, beautiful, and challenging 11 day road trip I will never forget. In retrospect, it was a bit ambitious. But, as in so many situations before and more to come, I believed everything would work out, that I'd figure it out and be okay.
There were a lot of rough patches last month, Louise was not exempt, with her major tire blowout on the freeway which careened me off the road, bent back the wheel well, dented the exhaust and gas pipes, and broke the fresh water line. We're still working those things out. But what I know for sure is that this sturdy, big-boned broad has a lot of good miles left in her and she's going to be back on the road adventuring like the rad, fiery ram she is.
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