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Oh Jesus fucking Christ this is so accurate of Robby and i. I am disgusted with myself for how much of a Halloween decor slut I am


  • 63w ago raisinghobbits raisinghobbits

    Same....pine st mall was having a sale. A giant bag, fill it with as many decorations as you can for $10.. She laughed at me for how much stuff I managed to fit PLUS a giant wreath on top 😅🤷🏽‍♀️🕸🦇🎃☠️

  • 63w ago maddygolightly maddygolightly

    @raisingroslyn omg!!! I wish I was in eburg right now!

  • 63w ago frog_mom.mp3 frog_mom.mp3

    halloween is the best to decorate for!!! i never want to take them down

  • 63w ago _laurenvalenti _laurenvalenti

    Oh my god I thought this was meant to be you two

  • 60w ago trendsboss trendsboss


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