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Instagram post by @pamelageller Pamela Geller

#neoslaves? Useful idiots on Democrat plantation. Muslim slavery of blacks accounts for 20% of population of Mauritania. What have you done for them?


  • 3w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @speed_d3mon_hb You mean they are protesting their Black Ancestors who sold their Relatives into Slavery?! How STUPID are you?

  • 3w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @speed_d3mon_hb Please Stop Reinforcing the Sterotype you Uneducated Tribal RACIST suffering from your imbred Affirmative Action stupidity... Obama's ARAB Relatives Raped Enslaved and Murdered your ancestors...

  • 3w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @luvmducks Blacks are Enslaved by their imbred Tribal RACISM coupled with their Affirmative Action stupidity ...they are by far and away the most RACIST people on the planet.

  • 3w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @joshua_dozortsev Illiterate Barbarian War Lord Muhammad HATED Blacks and instutionalized slavery. After he attacked Mecca and conquered it in a two day battle, he opened his Slave Trade Business there where it was open for business from the 7th century until September 1960. Yet Blacks join the very Geopolitical IDIOTology of Islamism who's founder hated them, Enslaved them, and Murdered them. It's like a Jewish person becoming a Nazi...Soros-like....

  • 3w ago duffy6vaile duffy6vaile

    Where's the auctioneer?😂😂😂

  • 3w ago jomiray jomiray

    Thanks for starting the conversation @pamelageller! Your followers are very well informed and have so much to say! If you want to throw together some complete sentences, I'd love to chat with you about what you saw today!

  • 3w ago matcasm matcasm


  • 3w ago matcasm matcasm

    @larkin.patty Hey! Give the rest of us a chance to speak some truth! Nah, kidding, you're doing a fine job.

  • 3w ago s550_beast s550_beast

    Where can I buy these at? 🤔

  • 3w ago john_murphyww john_murphyww

    How much?

  • 3w ago kevinwmporter kevinwmporter

    Ignorance is bliss😡

  • 3w ago w3bmaster0101 w3bmaster0101

    Liberalism is a metal disorder and this is an example of it

  • 3w ago 7boundforheaven 7boundforheaven

    It's incredible how one can make a group of people think they're oppressed and it's 1863. Those are the chains of the Democratic Plantation, to make people protest and take a stance; when there's no battle, and people of color have had more opportunities than any other time. Smh

  • 3w ago hmwaej hmwaej

    This country has gone mad.

  • 3w ago cris_blackie cris_blackie

    Morons...complete morons. I hope they keep voting democrat. Oh wait #Fleccas has proven they (extremist and protesters) don't vote.

  • 3w ago iamjohngm iamjohngm

    ITT white tears.

  • 3w ago butcht01 butcht01

    Get a life and a job

  • 3w ago jahbiggins jahbiggins

    Hey all! Hopefully some of you who've posted on here will read this. But I just wanna pose a couple of thoughts. First: what if you looked at the people depicted in this art piece with love? Would it change your opinions or feelings? Second: it's interesting that most of you immediately took this as an attack purely against white people. To me the question is bigger. What has made America great? If we "make America great again" what would that mean for our black brothers and sisters?

  • 3w ago jahbiggins jahbiggins

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  • 3w ago jahbiggins jahbiggins

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  • 3w ago jahbiggins jahbiggins

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  • 3w ago wskov wskov

    I don't understand why they continue to talk about slavery they were freed. It is in the past. Everyone acknowledges slavery was bad.

  • 3w ago buddymiles77 buddymiles77


  • 3w ago z1daniel z1daniel

    You are a slave to your mindset.

  • 2w ago rose_anncx1 rose_anncx1

    👎🏻what a joke. Their parents weren't even slaves. Colonial slavery is a part of our American History , but no one is a slave here anymore. Why don't they address the real slaves that still exist... human trafficking and slaves across Africa today??? #liberallogic

  • 2w ago rose_anncx1 rose_anncx1

    👏 @7boundforheaven #makebelieve #nobattle

  • 2w ago daffakara daffakara

    Nice undies

  • 2w ago petes_pics_5 petes_pics_5

    Slaves were definitely not THAT well nourished

  • 2w ago kfitzbear kfitzbear

    Why didn't they do all this with the help of Obama?!!! It's just a distraction ( like antifa) because the left has no political message except anti-Trump and the resistance.... idiots!

  • 2w ago the_real_noone the_real_noone

    They would never help the modern day slaves in Africa, Middle East or Asia as they would have to call out their own people for continuing slavery and acknowledge that white Europeans abolished it

  • 2w ago 8cak7 8cak7


  • 2w ago its_ewe_organic_west_australia its_ewe_organic_west_australia

    Why aren't they involved in stopping current slavery in north Africa and middle east. .wouldn't that be of more value than their street theatre?

  • 2w ago 7boundforheaven 7boundforheaven

    If there's any protesting that should be going on, it should be for the outrageous prices and over inflated costs of purchasing goods and sustaining a living that is making us all slaves!

  • 1w ago notanotherusername986 notanotherusername986

    So many on the left defending islam when mohammed was huge, huge, huge into the slave trade. If not for President Kennedy telling countries like Saudi Arabia to STOP practicing slavery back in the 1960s, many middle eastern nations would STILL be officially be practicing slavery. As it is, there is still slavery over there, albeit practiced unofficially. I am sure that matters not to those forced to live as slaves over there. I do not understand why the left cannot understand if we allow muslim enclaves here on U.S. soil, that they will again practice slavery on American soil. Why wouldn't they? Mohammed owned plenty of slaves. Slavery is part of that ideology.

  • 1w ago squadica65 squadica65

    More virtue signaling libtards. How about you protest the Saudi Embassy where slavery is actually still going on!!

  • 1w ago wolflord69 wolflord69

    Fucktards! Spend a week in moslum controlled slave areas. If you survive, I guarantee you will unfuck yourselves!

  • 1w ago rick_kartis rick_kartis

    When are White Christians gonna pose with Roman Soldiers and lions, ripping them apart? Don't these freaks know they are welcome to return to their Mother Country/Continent and live their own thing and culture EXACTLY as they wish?

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