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#neoslaves? Useful idiots on Democrat plantation. Muslim slavery of blacks accounts for 20% of population of Mauritania. What have you done for them?


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    Get a life and a job

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    Hey all! Hopefully some of you who've posted on here will read this. But I just wanna pose a couple of thoughts. First: what if you looked at the people depicted in this art piece with love? Would it change your opinions or feelings? Second: it's interesting that most of you immediately took this as an attack purely against white people. To me the question is bigger. What has made America great? If we "make America great again" what would that mean for our black brothers and sisters?

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    I don't understand why they continue to talk about slavery they were freed. It is in the past. Everyone acknowledges slavery was bad.

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    You are a slave to your mindset.

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    👎🏻what a joke. Their parents weren't even slaves. Colonial slavery is a part of our American History , but no one is a slave here anymore. Why don't they address the real slaves that still exist... human trafficking and slaves across Africa today??? #liberallogic

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    👏 @7boundforheaven #makebelieve #nobattle

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    Nice undies

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    Slaves were definitely not THAT well nourished

  • 42w ago kfitzbear kfitzbear

    Why didn't they do all this with the help of Obama?!!! It's just a distraction ( like antifa) because the left has no political message except anti-Trump and the resistance.... idiots!

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    They would never help the modern day slaves in Africa, Middle East or Asia as they would have to call out their own people for continuing slavery and acknowledge that white Europeans abolished it

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  • 42w ago its_ewe_organic_west_australia its_ewe_organic_west_australia

    Why aren't they involved in stopping current slavery in north Africa and middle east. .wouldn't that be of more value than their street theatre?

  • 42w ago 7boundforheaven 7boundforheaven

    If there's any protesting that should be going on, it should be for the outrageous prices and over inflated costs of purchasing goods and sustaining a living that is making us all slaves!

  • 41w ago squadica65 squadica65

    More virtue signaling libtards. How about you protest the Saudi Embassy where slavery is actually still going on!!

  • 41w ago wolflord69 wolflord69

    Fucktards! Spend a week in moslum controlled slave areas. If you survive, I guarantee you will unfuck yourselves!

  • 40w ago rick_kartis rick_kartis

    When are White Christians gonna pose with Roman Soldiers and lions, ripping them apart? Don't these freaks know they are welcome to return to their Mother Country/Continent and live their own thing and culture EXACTLY as they wish?

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    @wolflord69 It’s Musim

  • 33w ago myronbaggett myronbaggett

    @rick_kartis The way visas are set up...

  • 33w ago myronbaggett myronbaggett

    @notanotherusername986 you seem to have it all figured out

  • 33w ago myronbaggett myronbaggett

    @larkin.patty Girl

  • 33w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @rick_kartis What century are you living in?

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    @myronbaggett Illiterate Barbarian War Lord and Pedophile Fake Prophet Muhammad HATED Blacks and instutionalized slavery while in Medina. After he and his fellow Muslime Army attacked Mecca and took it in a two day War, MuhamMAD set up his profitable slavery business where in remained open from the 7th century until September of 1960...

  • 33w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @myronbaggett Hopefully you are not offended by TRUTH and FACTS...and although all the Original Slave Trappers and Traders off Africa were Black, eventually Arabs like Obama's relatives moved in on our relatives profitable slavery business by Force...

  • 33w ago myronbaggett myronbaggett

    @larkin.patty I feel like you are missing the point of these protests. It’s clear that you did some research about Muslims, but this is about modern day rights. This is a young country full of blacks who will only live by what they see is fit for them, and clearly that’s not much. You can’t expect everyone to take a history fact and suddenly become all knowing. You have to physically help and be a mentor to your young brothers and sisters who are unknowingly entering our plight.

  • 33w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @myronbaggett 99% of the problem with Black America is with Blacks themselves...

  • 33w ago myronbaggett myronbaggett

    @larkin.patty what are you doing to help? I presume you are a person of color as well?

  • 33w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @myronbaggett My resume of volunteerism is long and well Documented. Also raise millions annually for

  • 33w ago myronbaggett myronbaggett

    @larkin.patty I have an extensive resume as well with helping in densely black neighborhoods, thanks. And I’m happy to see that you are doing your part. I guess what I’m trying to get at is why reprimand black people who know no other way except what they have been shown who they are supposed to be instead of being encouraging and a good role model to those kids who need it the most. And I love truth and facts as they pertain directly to the injustices of today.

  • 33w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @myronbaggett Great to hear, and teach youth that an excuse is a reason with a bad reputation, so never have one. I teach them to never be dumb enough to vote for a DemonRat unless JFK were to rise from the dead after LBJ's CIA positively Murdered him.

  • 32w ago rick_kartis rick_kartis

    @larkin.patty ... Ok, Mz., whose is longer? Yours or Myron's? Good grief, Everybody that cares does something within their lives fairly CONSTANTLY in order to better the World. Yes? Basic theory but a good one. Do you ACTually "teach youth" that Democrats are in fact DemonRats? And that they would be dumb Individual Americans (e.g.: their ideas, thoughts, research aren't worth sh*t?). True? And what does JFK rising outta the grave re: "LBJs CIA" have to do with anything? Quite conveluded, yes? Good grief, Patty Brown!

  • 32w ago rick_kartis rick_kartis

    @larkin.patty ...Oh, and as to what century? Why, same as yours, of course. Why asking? Do you not enjoy history or someone mentioning it outside of your personal acceptance "level?" I'm not "Bi-racial" but I am "Mediterranean." Is that within your acceptable levels of civil discourse? You can be quite interesting, confusing, and narcissistic all within the same moment of time. C'mon...spill!

  • 32w ago larkin.patty larkin.patty

    @rick_kartis How would the DemonKKKrats Racist Organized Crime Syndication stay in business without its low IQ Uneducated Useful American Idiots the likes of you?!

  • 32w ago rick_kartis rick_kartis

    @larkin.patty I answer your sarkkkastic question. But u avoid my issues... like a well-oiled ANTIFUK BAMN BLM Machine. How DO you do it, Mz.? My theory is you do it on "a lark," unplanned, but effective. A sort of #MAGAInSheepsClothing....or perhaps a #PodestaInSpiritCooking Clothing? Your AnGeR iz definitely out of the LibDemProg Leftist Playbook. You had to pronounce your "Bi-racial" playing card here in order to fit not offend the "others", to show your Racial Privilege. How sad, Mz... yes, how very, very sad for a "MAGA" to be un-exposed in this manner. Good luck with that. And with that passage, I move on to expose more fake MAGAs and FakEMALES, as yourself, Mz. And if you feel you must contact me... DON'T. (Uhh, that's a hint, Mz.)

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