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sending love/vibes/whatever the hell I can to Texas. feeling helpless. this photo was taken in Rosenberg, relatively close to my family home in Richmond... I hope everyone is staying safe. thankfully, my parents were able to evacuate earlier today. this is a lot worse than was anticipated. #hurricaneharvey


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  • 55w ago katierae03 katierae03

    So glad to hear your family is okay! My sister is up on high land and her home is open if any of your friends or fam were to need a place to stay dry!

  • 55w ago sarahmhague sarahmhague

    @katierae03 thank you Katie!!! 💖 so happy to hear that your sister is safe!

  • 55w ago kdalk kdalk

    Hopefully Bob's Tacos survived

  • 54w ago sk_fournier sk_fournier

    I've been feeling the same way...I want to help. I feel like Im sitting on my hands.I was so glad to hear your family is safe.


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