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The day hasn't ended yet so here goes...
This is a parent appreciation post going out to my Mom and Dad as a way of celebrating the first annual #CAYoungParentsDay thanks to @latinas4rj !💜Both are young parents who had to go through some rough times together to get to where they are today and let me tell you THEY ARE THRIVING💜They are the absolute best parents a girl could ask for and their stories are some of the most inspiring.Together they had to overcome all the obstacles and negative stigma tied to being young parents but they managed thanks to the support of their families and friends, which just goes to prove that age DOES NOT define a good parent.If you have young parents I encourage you to do something nice for them to show your appreciation and please don't wait until the next Young Parents Day to do so😊
#wesupportyoungparents #justice4youngfams #j4yp #thisisrj


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