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Just throwing this out there: does anyone want to help me train/prepare for fire fighting? I'm planning on taking multiple practice tests this year for the written exam but I also need to begin training my body to do the physically demanding specific drills of firefighting so I can pass the cpat test! If anyone has suggestions on where I can get a cheap weighted vest( or let me borrow one) please let me know! Also if you want to work out with me that would be swell! Also if you or someone you know has been through the process please let me know! I have so many questions and after speaking with one of bham' s fire captains today I only have more questions!! Pc: @zoe


  • 50w ago prismic_kismet prismic_kismet

    My lovely friend @hannahedgley 's dad is a fire fighter, and Hannah was/is looking to potentially firefight too!! Maybe I could hook you two up, b/c I know she did a TON of looking in to it and of course has the insight from her dad!

  • 50w ago maddygolightly maddygolightly

    @prismic_kismet yes please!

  • 50w ago roser_poser roser_poser

    Can't help with most of that but would love to move n groove n get strong w ya!

  • 50w ago a.wondering.fool a.wondering.fool

    Stop being so gawddamn awesome.

  • 50w ago ameliiiamariiie ameliiiamariiie

    I want to work out with you!!!! Also my partner's dad is a fire lieutenant in Portland but I'm not exactly sure he knows that much about the process but he's considered it himself and y'all should talk!! Love you proud of you ✨


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