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Pharmacist Brian Bloom, shares about getting to the root of the issue, and his own Plexus journey from a health practitioner's point-of-view:
"Before plexus, I was a very good pharmacist. I was extremely good at my job and met all expectations. I came to work, filled prescriptions, counseled patients and prevented drug interactions. Now 14 years later (2 years after plexus), I am an excellent pharmacist. I do all of the above, but I now dive into patients' lives to find out root causes for illnesses. I understand the importance of the microbiome and how it affects every process in the body. I teach about dysbiosis, insulin insensitivity, nutrient deficiencies, and how daily supplementation is essential to long and healthy life. I now know why people who eat clean and exercise daily still have ongoing issues. If you're a health care professional and don't stress the importance of a healthy gut, so much has changed in the last 10 years!"
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