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#tbt. To the night before #duelofthechampions #omahapro. I worked really hard to get to this physique I fell backwards a ton of times and what a lot of people don't realize is the work and consistency it takes to achieve it, you got to keep going, it won't happen over night we're not "just lucky" If you see me on a regular basis I don't walk around looking like this 24/7. This was a result of busting ass in the gym for months being spot on with my nutrition. This is not my lowest weight or bodyfat to date and it definitely is not something I can maintain as a lifestyle. Although I love to challenge myself I also love to eat and have a healthy relationship with food, people and other goals. It took me a long time to find my place with competing and I couldn't be more grateful for my journey. There comes a time when you have to stop making excuses and push thru those hard time and those feelings of weakness I remember thinking to myself during a cardio session that all I wanted to do was eat a rice cake but I know that having that willpower got me to here and now, I know that I sacrificed a lot to step up on that stage and I couldn't be more proud of where I was and where I am today because of it. #nobodysperfect #wereallfightingourown #throwback #motivation #npcbikini #bikini #positive #changeonething #progresspix #healthy #fit #gratitude



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