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RED FOIL ALERT #theworldoflore #lorepodcast


  • 50w ago placespodcast placespodcast

    So... We might not want to take this hiking near Glastenbury...

  • 50w ago dallasthehuman dallasthehuman

    Ahh! I can't wait!

  • 50w ago everyday__prep everyday__prep

    Ugh. I hate stamping foil. #printer

  • 50w ago amahnke amahnke

    @everyday__prep Such an encouraging addition to this thread. Thanks for that.

  • 50w ago everyday__prep everyday__prep

    @amahnke I'm sorry. It looks fantastic. It really does. Didn't mean to be stuck a downer. I'm just scarred for life from my experiences. Just know there's some poor schmuck like me pouring out anguish and sometimes blood to bring it to you. Fitting, I guess, considering the subject matter.


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