Instagram post by @ohitsricardo Ricardo Marquez

FINALLY got to hang with @doster and watch some baseball while gorging on brats and pulled pork. PLEASE HELP AARON GROW HIS BRAND AND FOLLOW HIM. Thanks for the hospitality!


  • 47w ago doster doster

    #letsgopulledpork so glad we finally got to be in the same city and hangout, and see some baseball. I'll be making my way to the coast soon enough. 🙏🏼⚾️

  • 47w ago mermatthews mermatthews

    I was confused how following @doster would help him grow his beard. Then I reread it like 20x and realized you said brand. It's too early y'all.

  • 47w ago rexasaurusrex rexasaurusrex

    Double High Fives duders!

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