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You will see a familiar face in the September/October 2017 issue of Zymurgy Magazine. Derek was one of two brewers interviewed a few months ago for an article about winning a homebrew award in every state of the country! Derek completed this goal in May 2016. Rodney Kibzey completed it in November 2016 and also won the Sam Adams Long Shot Competition twice. Congrats to both Derek and Rodney!
As an added bonus, if you like to homebrew, be sure to try Derek's Choconut Brown Porter recipe which is featured in the article! Cheers! #wolfbrewco #breweryinplanning #supportpabeer #drinklocal #craftbeerlife #independentcraft #pacraftbeer #cherishburg #hbgmade #ihophbg #pabeer #zymurgymagazine #homebrew #brewyourown #whydoesdereksphotolooklikeamugshot


  • 68w ago brewer_b_rad brewer_b_rad

    @wolfbrewco that's on my list too! Win one in every state! Any suggestions?

  • 68w ago wolfbrewco wolfbrewco

    Best of luck @bcarlson94! Best advice I could give is to consistently check the AHA website. They have a competition calendar and you can search for competitions by each specific state. And pack those brews with care - bubble wrap, bubble wrap and even more bubble wrap! If beer breaks in shipment, FedEx/UPS will incinerate your package and may even flag your address in their system. With USPS it is illegal to ship alcohol. Cheers!

  • 68w ago brewer_b_rad brewer_b_rad

    @wolfbrewco thanks! I currently only have 5/50 states! A long way to go!!

  • 68w ago lana_varela lana_varela

    So proud of you cousin!

  • 68w ago tbah_ryan tbah_ryan

    This achievement never gets any less impressive in my mind. Would be downright unbelievable, if I didn't frequently try @wolfbrewco amazing beers!

  • 68w ago wolfbrewco wolfbrewco

    @lana_varela - thank you Lana! Hope all is well!

  • 68w ago wolfbrewco wolfbrewco

    @tbah_ryan - thank you for the kind words Ryan! Cheers! 🍻

  • 68w ago wolfbrewco wolfbrewco

    @bcarlson94 - You are already 10% of the way there! You will get there before you know it! 👍🏼

  • 68w ago hophead1987 hophead1987

    Killer accomplishment! My hats off to ya. The magazine just arrived today. Been following you for a little while now. Let me know if you have some homebrew for trade. Would love to try it here in Indiana. Our @thebrothersgrissom RIS is pretty sought after and we have a few left. Cheers man, keep up the good work!

  • 68w ago wolfbrewco wolfbrewco

    Thanks @hophead1987! We don't have any brews right now but will definitely do a trade in the near future. We will message you when we have some on tap! Cheers! 🍻

  • 67w ago doug_brinkley doug_brinkley


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