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When people ask me which Plexus products to start with, I almost ALWAYS recommend #Triplex combo (what I started on and continue to take!😁 #ifeelamazing ) to start them out the first month to get their #gut cleaned up, #detoxify their body and balance blood sugars!

1. Think of #ProBio5 as the gentle scrubbing of your intestines to get rid of bad bacteria while replenishing it with #GOOD bacteria. Plus added digestive enzymes and an anti fungal - #hello #amazing!

2. Then, think of #BioCleanse as the gentle flushing of the BAD bacteria out of your system. This is NOT one of those horrible, bathroom for a week, cleanses. This is a daily detoxifier to rid waste and toxins!

3. Finally, #Slim (aka the Pink Drink) helps keep your body's fats, cholesterol, and blood sugars in the normal range so that they don't continue to feed the bad bacteria! This little pink drink regulates hormones, appetite and cravings!
#guthealth #gethealthy #plexustriplex #youllneverknowifyounevertry


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