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My heart is full of joy. I remember going crazy for the "gofundme" account. I plastered posts on top of posts everywhere I could think of. Personal accounts, fan accounts, various types of groups, Facebook, sent links to all my contacts on WhatsApp. I tried my best. I remember the first day, thanks to all of Dakota Johnson's fandom base, we got to $200. The second day just $10. The third even less. But as the days and weeks went by, we reached our goal. We even went over. I felt a part of a very special family thanks to @jeromezucka who updated me almost every day. I sent my Little Angel virtual hugs and kisses everyday. My heart was with her 24/7. When I read a post about Miss Little Angel beating cancer's butt, I remember laughing. I laughed so hard I felt like I was going to faint. And then I cried. I cried...and cried...and cried so more. This miracle made me feel proud of myself for the first time in my whole entire life. A big thanks to this family who needed help saving a life but that also cured a thousand souls. Thank you. Thank God. Thank Little Angel. Thank anything or anyone that made this possible.🌸
Tagging a few of the girls who helped me from the very start!
#grateful #nevergoingtoforget #proudmoments #myLittleAngel #lovedherfromthestart


  • 43w ago lilyblue_luna lilyblue_luna

    😍😍😍😍😍 this is one of the best news I have received in a long while

  • 43w ago patriciagerdett patriciagerdett

    OMG! This make me so, so happy, this is so beautiful and I'm so proud of you bc I know you worked so hard for her, and is so good to see she's safe now😻😻😻

  • 43w ago xxlauraoneillxx xxlauraoneillxx

    This is brilliant!!

  • 43w ago danivillanueva1983 danivillanueva1983

    Omg I'm so happy!!!!

  • 42w ago jeromezucka jeromezucka

    Aww we appreciate you and everything you have done for us! God bless you thank you so much for supporting Lacy! It truly means so much to us @nataliaaaraquel

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