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Instagram post by @fifty.shades.series Fifty Shades

Hey, fifties! It's been awhile. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing really well even though I haven't been on Instagram lately. Tbh this summer's been all about self-care and since I'm taking a semester off of college, I'll be able to continue that! I'm not ready to officially come back, but I'll keep you all updated. Also, September 20th is coming up next month and that will be the 1 year anniversary of this account! It's crazy to think how far this account has come and the amazing friends I've made here. I'm so grateful! I love you all ❤️

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  • 21w ago mega_bite13 mega_bite13

    We support u no matter what ❤💘💝😍

  • 21w ago ilonkava ilonkava

    Great to hear you are doing well!

  • 21w ago marysousa2.1 marysousa2.1

    Ela tá belíssima e o senhor Grey nem se fala 💗💗

  • 21w ago selin_510 selin_510

    @arpa_298 look at that

  • 21w ago justt.belieb justt.belieb

    Take care of yourself. 💕

  • 21w ago my.fifty.edits my.fifty.edits

    Hope to see you back soon emma, waiting for your fab videos @fifty.shades.series

  • 21w ago fiftyshdesmovies fiftyshdesmovies

    Congrats ! For one year 😊❤️

  • 21w ago lovethebeach248 lovethebeach248

    So good to hear from you Emma! Glad to know you're doing well. I'm with @my.fifty.edits & can't wait for your return & your awesome videos!! However, take as much time as you need - YOU are important & only you can take care of you!! Still supporting & praying for you! 🙏😘💗.

  • 21w ago karlinhaaavicvic karlinhaaavicvic

    O mais legal que eles se fazem o amor eles sorri junto,vê defeitos e qualidades amam tudo isso e o mais importante eles se amam e se respeitam você percebe em uma simples foto onde ele ri e a mão não sai não perde o contato e uma nessecidade o toque jura que ainda tem pessoas que acha que isso não e real?

  • 20w ago zakie.sr zakie.sr

    اخه کی قسمت سوم میاد 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • 6w ago top_girl.m top_girl.m

    is he going to lick her boobs?

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