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Caused a bit of a crowd this weekend in Hocking Hills climbing down to get a #northeastohiorocks rock. I overheard a mother telling her daughter to never, ever do that because it's too scary. 〰 Yes, it was scary but so is turning on the news. The unknown is learn and train; when the opportunity arrives, you'll know exactly what to do. 〰 Rehid the rock in Akron. The best part of the story- I let my 3 year old climb up the rocks and hide it. 💪🏼 #traineveryday #teachthemyoung #mygirlswontbescared #bepatient #beconfident #climbing #elynrocks #diditwhileholdingdavid #vibramfivefingers #puravida


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    Did you check out the new trail down there?

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    @wbbuell Which? We stayed in Burr Oak so it took us some time to get over to the cave. I found this at Rock House, which was my absolute favorite. Planning a longer trip down there to really explore.

  • 34w ago ocracoke_soap ocracoke_soap

    Whispering cave, they just opened it this year, it's over by the lodge that burnt down, definitely worth checking out, it's not long but it's very scenic

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