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Instagram post by @keita.indigo.insights Keita Nobilo

Soooo…..who has felt a bit of a shift for the positive today?
It’s a great energy for feeling more inspired, more energy, greater clarity and actions for the future you are ready to start implementing.

It’s a good buzz - you’ve been through all the shit times and are able to see how they have served you and how they have shaped you and FINALLY it feels like the grass is greener on YOUR side of the fence!!! This is major!

Would love to hear who else can feel that shift? Others may start feeling it over the next day or two but those who are still in mindsets and situations that are out of alignment with who they really are might feel staggered for a while. Remember emotional and physical pain are there to wake us up, they are messengers. They are there to alert us that we need to address something in our lives.

P.S. Sleep will have been fairly non-existent or broken for many..this could last for a couple more days but shouldn’t effect your energy too much in the day time as of now.

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