Instagram post by @nessamoments Nessa

She is still looking at the "clipses" and keeps telling me, "I holding my glasses on super tight momma." I might have practiced that lesson a little too much. 😎 #almostthree #eclipse2017 #noonetoldheritwasover


  • 64w ago hiharriet hiharriet

    ❤️ cutie

  • 64w ago carrijackson carrijackson

    Love your trust in Helena! I told so many people that even toddlers can be safe watching!!!

  • 64w ago nessamoments nessamoments

    @carrijackson she did great! I really hope she remembers.

  • 64w ago barnesy620 barnesy620

    That's amazing. I love it. If she doesn't remember this one, you will get one (closer to totality, too) in 2024.

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