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    Boi it low-key kinda scares me sometimes how obsessed the Progressive community is with Bernie

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    @david_coaker you favor Obama, Singh and Hillary. Calm down boyo

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    @teamo3101 actually I favor Bernie to those three so calm down boyo

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    @teamo3101 I don't need to not like the person to not realize the cult of personality surrounding the person

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    @david_coaker Thanks for taking the time to comment, and weighing in! Personally I see Bernie as a rallying point. Visible leadership is important if you want to create a large movement or party; he is also a strong supporter of new leadership and universal involvement, so a cheer for Bernie is at a certain level a cheer for ourselves. I wouldn't call it a cult, yet there is a symbolic and even mythic aspect around the guy with the famous hair. Not perfect, of course. No one is. But highly consistent on a host of important issues and values. And he has the ability to inspire hope in a time when it would be easy to despair. ✨

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