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Instagram post by @policefitnessnutrition Wilson Frank

One of the most overlooked exercise movements one can do is the farmers walk. These bad boys activate nearly every muscle group. I'll list some key benefits to adding these to your routine below.
You will build up that core strength because it'll be working to brace and stabilize your entire body during the movement.
It'll work your upper back as well to keep your shoulders and chest from sagging and hunching over.
But most importantly, in our line of work its best benefit is helping to develop that grip strength. These will work wonders in developing strength in your hands, wrists and forearms.
Don't neglect training in movements that might help save your life one day. Let's gooooo! I hope everyone has a happy and safe day.

Pictured here is @kable_official . Dude is a beast and you can bet he isn't going to let his grip fail him anytime soon. Good shit @kable_official , keep up the good work and stay motivated !


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