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Spent an hour driving on a winding cliff to get to this cute little town!! #aeriereal


  • 56w ago thatgirl_batgirl thatgirl_batgirl

    So cute! Love this pic! You forgot to mention all the stairs 🀣 haha! Lawdy ...

  • 56w ago kendrahansey kendrahansey

    Obsessed with everything about this picture. Looks so carefree and full of joyπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  • 56w ago noemietshinanga noemietshinanga


  • 56w ago dianaf19 dianaf19

    Positano is the best!! You have to get gelato at this little Bacchus hole in the wall gelateria

  • 56w ago airjordyn airjordyn

    a queen!

  • 56w ago christenjoi christenjoi

    @dianaf19 I've been thinking about you this whole entire trip! I've had the best al dente pasta so far. Your ancestors would be proud πŸ˜‚

  • 56w ago christenjoi christenjoi

    @hollyglight by far the best workout of the trip lol!!

  • 56w ago 3cs_mom 3cs_mom

    Can't wait for you to get back so that I can go back to thinking that my trip to Target is a highlight of the day and that my life isn't actually boring. Leave me to my delusions; I beg of you!

  • 56w ago adeneen adeneen


  • 56w ago pheckstall pheckstall

    Soooooo happy for you that you get to have this experience!

  • 55w ago kelabadabing kelabadabing

    Wowowow 😍

  • 55w ago courtneyjalyn courtneyjalyn

    Wth. I aint even see dis one🀀😍


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