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  • 53w ago evan_daire evan_daire

    Cool adapters! Any particular limits as to what shotguns you can use then in?

  • 53w ago gunadapters gunadapters

    @evan_daire they will work in any break action Shotgun with chamber sizes 2 3/4 or greater!

  • 53w ago clayton_ogre clayton_ogre

    @gunadapters I've been meaning to ask, is there not enough room to make a 20g adapter from 16g? I have a few 16s and the ammo isn't as cheap and available as 20g is

  • 52w ago gunadapters gunadapters

    @clayton_ogre the 16 Gauge and 20 Gauge are to close in dimensions for an adapter to be made. However we have 10 adapters for 16 Gauge 3 in the 8" Rifled Pathfinder Series ( 9mm, 380 ACP, & 38sp) and 7 in our 3" smoothbore Scavenger Series (410/45 Colt, 22LR, 9mm, 380ACP, 38 sp, 45 ACP, & 40 S&W)

  • 52w ago clayton_ogre clayton_ogre

    @gunadapters thanks, that's what I figured. 410 ammo costs as much or more than 16g ammo does lol


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