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If you are really serious about your music and want to live your dreams doing what you love, then you must BRAND yourself. So many artist make the mistake of copying what other artist are doing. You need to build a brand. A brand, basically put, is a consistent message and theme. It’s what you do, and how you look. It is not created on accident, brands take time and consistency to develop.
Branding is one of the main reasons I keep reminding artist to mix and master their tracks professionally before letting people hear them. It sets you apart from everybody else that HASN’T gotten their music mixed and mastered. And that’s more than 90% of artist. They simply don’t know anything about sound quality, or are just too anxious to show the world what they came up with. So just by mixing and mastering your music alone, it will SOUND BETTER than most music being put out. How good it’s mixed plays a part in how much people will like your music. Music is all about how it makes people feel. When you understand how much sound quality plays a part in people feeling your music or not, you won’t just put out anything that doesn’t SOUND professional.
Separating yourself from everybody else that’s making music is important and will determine how successful you will be in your music career. Once you start developing a strong brand, people that don’t understand branding will wonder how you're doing it. That’s when you can tell them it's all about branding.
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