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Three at a time colorwork. That's a lot of tension and yarn dominance to think about, but I think I can do it 💪. #atlaspullover #hayloftcolorway #almanaccolorway #fossilcolorway #shelteryarn #knitting #knitlife #knitstagram


  • 61w ago handmadebysigi handmadebysigi

    three??? that is odd 🙄

  • 61w ago jofrhwld jofrhwld

    @handmadebysigi yeah. If you check out the FOs on revelry you can see where they are. There's 42 rows to the yoke, and 10 are in three colors. The Tessera cowl (also designed by Jared Flood) also has a bunch of three color rows!

  • 61w ago handmadebysigi handmadebysigi

    @jofrhwld ah the Americans 😂... don't let the Shetlanders know 😉

  • 61w ago lifepoke lifepoke

    I find that yarn dominance with 3 isn't so bad, but I still haven't figured out if my tension is good or not in general with fair isle 😰

  • 61w ago jofrhwld jofrhwld

    @lifepoke your hats don't look like they've got any bad pucker problems!

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