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So, you know what's better than one email newsletter? Two of them! OMG. 😂 For as long as I can remember I've wanted to launch a newsletter so, in typical Kara fashion, I decided why do one when you could do two? 😬 But, it's actually going really well because I'm obsessed with both the topics so they're flying off the shelves or screens or whatever.⠀

And you should totally sign up through the link above! If you want to! I feel weird about these things! I'll just keep using exclamation marks so you don't sense my weirdness!⠀

Anyway, Newsy #1 is all about Mom Fun and I started a Fun Challenge that you can read about on the blog where you get one tip a week for ways to fun up your life + random things to (hopefully) make you happy.⠀

Newsy #2 is my Go Get 'Em, Tiger email and is full of tips for growing your business and social without losing your mind or free time. Like, tomorrow's email is all about if switching to an Instagram business account is a good idea and then next week's is how I post content even when I'm feeling TERRIFIED (like right now). 😎⠀

And here's the thing. These are FOR YOU GUYS so tell me if they're hitting the mark or you want to see other things or whatever! And, exclamation points are back! Sign up! Or go eat a donut! Whatever! K, bye!



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