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Question...want my braids back but after last time ya girl was baldt headed would smaller singles be better or ?? (My hair types 3b I think ?) #takemeback#iwascute#ilooklikealightskinmichelinman#now#backatitagainwithehashtags


  • 53w ago samnogs17 samnogs17

    How can someone be so perfect

  • 53w ago muvablue muvablue

    I think smaller would put more stress in your edges and scalp, maybe go bigger or try the same style with the crochet method

  • 53w ago orii_o_ orii_o_


  • 53w ago fruitpastles fruitpastles

    @muvablue Tysm πŸ’–makes sense looking back the problem was most likely too much hair braided onto such small sections, I'm not completely sold on the look of crochet braids maybe locs tho I really wanna get that style 😭I'll go bigger next time cuz girl they were heavy af my neck was doin the 30 day squat challenge

  • 53w ago muvablue muvablue

    @fruitpastles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚yes it gets pretty heavy, but you can pretty much crochet anything these days babe, I hope it comes out how you want☺️☺️

  • 53w ago sarahmaluna sarahmaluna


  • 53w ago hvdebe hvdebe

    I had that problem too with braids. The breakage was real for me so I would suggest bigger braids for sure.

  • 53w ago morgparks morgparks

    Your a wonder

  • 53w ago _kiss.with.a.fist_ _kiss.with.a.fist_

    From now on i am scared my boyfriend will ever see this pic and leaves me coz you are just too beautiful to live on earth miss

  • 53w ago ms_star_921 ms_star_921

    Very pretty!!!

  • 53w ago marie.ferdinand marie.ferdinand

    @curls_cocoa why did I feel like you wrote this captionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 53w ago devthvally devthvally


  • 53w ago beautybasics4all beautybasics4all

    Babe you're too cute!!!

  • 53w ago millz_pdw millz_pdw

    The bigger the braids the lesss tension. If you go smaller it might cause more breakage

  • 53w ago madachinaa madachinaa


  • 53w ago matass matass

    Ooo shes fiiiireπŸ”₯πŸ’―

  • 53w ago _beautykween_ _beautykween_


  • 53w ago capricornrox08 capricornrox08

    😍😍😍 wow! Stunning!!

  • 53w ago giovane_dtx giovane_dtx


  • 53w ago mrmikeatlanta mrmikeatlanta

    Whatever you cute af

  • 53w ago bryandiop bryandiop

    You'r eyes πŸ™ˆβ€ @fruitpastles

  • 53w ago cartwrightimages cartwrightimages


  • 53w ago theillist.j theillist.j

    TBH I wouldn't get them some people can't handle braids .. like my hair is too soft for braids the more you put them in the worse it gets

  • 53w ago theillist.j theillist.j

    If anything try crochet braids !

  • 53w ago robynfenty_islegend robynfenty_islegend


  • 53w ago cheriamina cheriamina

    The smaller the braids the more weight u putting in ur scalp and head honestly! I have 3b low porosity and it's hit or miss with me honestly

  • 53w ago infinitetangents infinitetangents

    Tho. Gorg

  • 53w ago one_hera one_hera


  • 53w ago fruitpastles fruitpastles

    @happavelli @millz_pdw @theillist.j @cheriamina thanks everyone! Y'all helped me a lotπŸ’– I'm probably gonna leave the braids from now and end up getting crochet braids just need to find a decent stylist 😭tysm


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