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Wow. What a beautiful family meditation class today. First of all it was just fantastic to see how many families came out for the first class of the school year. The theme that my co-teacher Jennifer Jordan and I decided to focus on this year was the practice of learning to become kind to oneself, learning to become a friend to oneself. We can practice loving friendliness towards ourselves by simply remembering to remain in the present and to remember whenever we can to offer kind thoughts towards ourselves and to maintain a friendly attitude with ourselves. When we are full of our own self directed goodness that goodness naturally spills over and positively affects the lives of everyone around us. Take a moment and say something kind to yourself, whether it's a word of encouragement, a word of forgiveness, or simply "I love you". Thankful for a great class and looking forward to a great year. #mindfulness #meditation #youth #community #bornimusic

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