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Oh, Oxford! I've spent the majority of my 20s in this town. It is a place dear to my heart to this day - even though it's been two years since we've left. I miss many things, but recently, what I've missed most is the spiritual fulfilment I've experienced there - due to those inspiring individuals and the strong community. I felt constantly inspired, moved and learned - every single day. Now, in Hamburg, I feel there is a void of knowledge and spiritual pursuit. One that I've been trying to fill by seeking out knowledge beyond geographical borders...


  • 44w ago kuebrag kuebrag

    @3aliaak true, unfortunately. Leaving that bubble after heaving breathed its air for such a long time, can be painful...

  • 44w ago s.cftc_75 s.cftc_75

    Hast du da studiert?😊

  • 44w ago eschnute eschnute

    This picture looks like a Monet painting 😍

  • 43w ago dasguteleben.podcast dasguteleben.podcast

    Schönes Profil. Coole Texte und inspirierende Bilder. 👍 😌 Danke. 😍

  • 43w ago matth80 matth80

    So inspired by you. Such a strong and self-confident woman with the right values and the ability to speak out her opinion and to criticize. If there would be only a few more like you, this world could be significantly better. Thank you for your work and your inspiration.

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