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Tomorrow we have to attend a funeral of one of our fallen brother P.O. Bernie Domagala who served on HBT before it became full time SWAT team. There's many good things that I took with me while I still served in LAPD one them I remember is every PO before hitting the street would have their badge shined. We took pride in the city we protected and the department we worked for. I took that tradition with me to this department and shined my badge as best as possible. I felt even though I didn't know P.O Domagala the least I can do is come as shrap as possible for his family. For his family to know his sacrifice for this city/department and community was not in vain. That they should be proud of the uniform he wore day in and out. #neverforgotten #pride #duty #honor #country #thinblueline #swat #budō


  • 9w ago soileater soileater

    If I tried to polish my badge it would no longer be gold lol.

  • 9w ago sace11 sace11

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire department from Tucson PD.

  • 9w ago machinealang machinealang

    @shinobi275 an OG told once told me when I was rook to shine the back of the star/badge whenever I wear it; it's a reflection of the peace officers' soul & heart. I still do it to this day.

  • 9w ago machinealang machinealang

    Rest easy Officer Domagala. 1*

  • 9w ago grimcmv grimcmv

    My condolences to the family of our fallen warrior. 🙏🇺🇸⚔️ #rip

  • 9w ago kirk_may kirk_may

    I didn't realize that you're CPD now

  • 9w ago sgt_cause sgt_cause

    I've been to enough funerals for officers to know our true purpose there is to be spotless and silent professionals to give our brother or sister's family the honor their loss deserves

  • 9w ago shinobi275 shinobi275

    @sgt_cause 🙏

  • 9w ago tholchanna tholchanna

    Respect for you and the fallen

  • 9w ago harrisonrudd33 harrisonrudd33


  • 9w ago harrisonrudd33 harrisonrudd33

    It is people like yourself that make this world a better place.

  • 9w ago calvintran_photography calvintran_photography

    Sorry to hear that brother...you guys have a high risk job and a thankless one at that. Thank you for all you do brother! Send my condolences to the family.

  • 9w ago sierracharlie338 sierracharlie338

    If you are running with their full time team there are two outstanding guys I had the pleasure of training with recently. If that any indication of how the rest of the guys are you are in good company @shinobi275

  • 9w ago offshore6 offshore6


  • 9w ago warrior4276 warrior4276

    RIP. He will not be forgotten.

  • 9w ago warrior4276 warrior4276

    @shinobi275 My Dept shields can't be shined. In fact the older and worn it looks the more it looks like you have time OTJ. I wish I could keep it shined like yours.

  • 9w ago zulufoxtrotdoc zulufoxtrotdoc

    Sorry for your loss. May they RIP.

  • 9w ago obeymaki obeymaki

    Much respect. I loved my tarnished badge. It showed every night in the snow, every day being rained on, years of life and the elements beating at it

  • 9w ago reedy.13 reedy.13

    Hey @shinobi275 did you see my private message buddy? 🇬🇧

  • 9w ago scootermcgaven scootermcgaven

    I'm sorry for your fallen family.

  • 9w ago parkbenchbum parkbenchbum

    Thank you for protecting our city. Growing up in a a big CPD community, big thanks to you guys.

  • 9w ago chixandriceftw chixandriceftw


  • 9w ago n529d n529d

    That badge is looking sharp @shinobi275 sorry for the loss of your brother in arms🙏🏼

  • 9w ago ado.cellebic ado.cellebic

    RIP all fallen brothers

  • 9w ago nyccoacho nyccoacho

    R. I. P. 💔💙 Great mindset about him & the Job!! Condolences to you and your fellow cops.

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