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Instagram post by @woundedowllufisto LuFisto

And my brand new kick pads are ripped. Cat problems, house problems, etc... Now this. I need a break from life. :(


  • 1w ago fitness_makeup_artist fitness_makeup_artist

    Send you good vibes @woundedowllufisto

  • 1w ago corazon_de_la_warrior corazon_de_la_warrior

    Flex Seal

  • 1w ago hornerrr hornerrr

    Its one thing after another. Sometimes you just have to say WTF!

  • 1w ago prestorama prestorama

    Aww that sucks. I hope you can get it fixed somehow. Sewed back together or something

  • 1w ago kenriqueyeah kenriqueyeah

    There's a ton of people in the world who love you and think that what you're doing is important. We're pulling for you, things will get better! You're goddamned Lufisto which means you're goddamned indestructible!

  • 1w ago johnnylamagouille johnnylamagouille

    fait coudre un logo par dessus!

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